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Sunday, June 25, 2017


Date of Publication: 9 JANUARY 2017
Available from AMAZON or BARNES AND NOBLE.

The Beauty of Heaven As Told By Daniel

            The author of this book, Suzanne Gene Courtney, had a son named Daniel Robert Sayre, who died back in August 26, 1997 in Hawaii when he fell from a mountain ledge there.  Courtney tells in the preface of this book how she was heartbroken and how she and her remaining family went through a series of supernatural experiences where they felt his presence in dreams, how a photo of him would “continually fall off the wall at his grandmother’s house, and a shooting star on the night when he went missing.”  This book is an account of her communications with Daniel from beyond through a Christian medium she and her other family members talked to because of signs from Daniel from heaven where they (including the medium) believe he is at in his afterlife.

            Heaven Held’s entire body is made up of a dialogue between Courtney and Daniel where he tells her his experiences in heaven with the angels and the children that die and come there as their place for eternity.  He talks about how there is nothing but sweetness and glorious colors and happiness in heaven.  He reveals that the souls of children who have just made heaven their home go through a passage in order to achieve angelhood.  While reading about this, my heart sighs with wonder and awe thinking what it would feel like to become an angel in the kingdom of the Lord, basking and existing in the light of His aura and never experiencing any more struggle like it is here on Earth.  This book is very short but speaks volumes to how magnificent and blessed a soul (child or adult) will be when they are admitted to heaven and pass on to become beings known through history as all-good and all-loving.  It makes this book a must-read for everyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child.

            I recommend this book to anyone who believes in heaven, God, and angels.  I also recommend this book to those with a lost loved one questioning where and how his or her beloved is faring after death.  Just reading about the goodness of heaven and the angels in this book will assure you that the kingdom of God is one we ought to strive to achieve once we depart this world of ours.  Because when we are made aware of heaven and God and angels, we will not die unhappy but die happy knowing we will be in good hands after all.  Get this book today as it is Sunday and I know you are in need of positivity to get on with this temporary life we have down here on Earth.  God bless.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Published Independently
Date of Publication: 28 MARCH 2017
Available from AMAZON.

A “Stay Strong” Account from a Hemiplegic Teenage Girl

            Addison D’Marko is a strong-spirited, diligent, and hemiplegic teenager who experienced a stroke at a very young age and therefore got paralyzed on her whole left side.  The book starts off with her in the hospital right after she went through brain surgery to stop her seizures that she had since she was three years old.  When she found out that her whole left side was paralyzed, she did not cry or feel bad about it.  Instead, she had a fit of laughter and that, to me, showed she was a positive go-getter.  That she took bad news and processed it into something humorous.  As much as it seemed sad, D’Marko did not let this fact slow her down from enjoying her life.  And that is why this book and account is a must read for anyone out there with a permanent/temporary disability to rise above it and make sure that he or she won’t surrender to its debilitating complications and so and so.

         This book is filled with what D’Marko did after she was paralyzed on her whole left side.  In it, she tells of the time she was in the hospital to the time she went back to finish her high school requirements to the time she was working at various places to the times when she was going through physical therapy to recover from her disability.  D’Marko’s storytelling skills are so easy to read and comprehend that it makes this book a quick read as I read it in just two days.  It can really provide encouragement for anyone who thinks that his or her disability is the endpoint of his or her life.  It makes one want to get up and do something in his or her life to succeed.  D’Marko’s spirit is very strong and she is a very independent individual as well.  Her employment that she tells about in this book, all part-time, heartens my heart that with the will and self-motivation, one will land a job no matter what one feels about a job.  All that matters is that you have a job and you are earning money and you are paying your bills.

         I recommend this book to everyone who is in a situation that has set him or her back from reaching a goal or realizing a dream.  With D’Marko’s independence and hard work, you will look at your hardship a whole different way.  The fact that she even wrote this book with the help of an editor, despite her paralysis, should tell you that you can do anything, you can be anything no matter your level of ability.  She proves in here that you are the key to your own success.  That you must not let your disability hinder you from getting on with your life.  If she can do it then we all can do it no matter our disabilities or shortcomings.  Get this book now for your own personal growth.  I really urge you to!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


Publication Date: 25 OCTOBER 2016
Available from AMAZON or BARNES AND NOBLE.

Brilliant Except for Bias

            The Universes of God 4: The Final Eternity here is so brilliant, you’d have to call the writer Stephens a genius for his Biblical knowledge and vast imagination.  I think for someone to write an entire book, let alone, a quadrilogy set for the most part in heaven is worthy of praise and respect.  As a Christian and a Holy Bible lover, I thought this book stood right up there with such masterpieces as Avatar and the whole Star Wars series.  I mean, this book resembles movies as those in that they are set entirely in a universe apart from our Earth here.  I laud Twe Stephens for his work here, very well done and thank you for this contribution to Christian literature.

            The book follows the events that are detailed in the Biblical book of Revelations with citations included.  It tells of the time when the holy and the blessed are celebrating the Son of God with all the angels and the heavenly creatures magnifying his name to the unfaithful and the unholy having to labor for their sins and disobedience of the laws of the Lord.  There is a slight change in the retelling as Stephens’ added his own flair to it by giving the apostles of the Lord different names, names that are earned through their having achieved the kingdom of God and for their righteousness.  There is Yeshamiel (Matthew); Ophaniel (Thomas); Morael (James the son of Zebedee); and others called Mariah (this one is male and is supposedly the new version of Judas); Raquel (Matthias); and Pesagniyah, Jazel, etc.  There are also names for those who were damned and followed satan such as Zillah, Freiel, Aarel, etc.  They are the ones who chose to stand with satan and his “synagogue.”

            Now there is a pet peeve about this book that ruined it for me.  This book puts the Jews and Catholics in a bad light and considers those people as allies of the devil.  I guess this is because Catholic practices include veneration of the saints and the Virgin Mary and the Jews were the ones who persecuted the Christ when He lived as a man during His days on earth.  I didn’t like that about this book because that’s “hate” right there and hate is a property of the evil one.  Also, when the Blessed were chastising the damned, they used swearing words like “stinking” for example which I personally felt was unnecessary since they are Blessed and the children of God so they should only speak beautiful, heavenly words instead of foul words like that that only should come out of the mouths of the wicked.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

            All in all, I advise those who buy this book to read it wisely as this is biased and holds a dangerous view against groups of people that if taken too seriously could lead to some grave consequences.  But other than that, job well done Mr Stephens.  Your writing skills are amazing!

Friday, June 2, 2017


Publication Date: 17 MARCH 2017

Engaging Essay Collection You Have to Read!

            If there was a collection of essays as interesting as the Monalisa, this one is surely it!  It was assigned to me to be read and reviewed and just by the title itself, I knew I was in for a treat since I love all things art.  From the first essay about the hidden dangers of smartphones to the one about love that preaches: “hate between a man and his wife can help their marriage.”  Very interesting right?  That and many other views of his made me read this collection from cover to cover.  His thoughts and ideas can make you go “oh really?” to “wow, I didn’t think of that before.” 

            The title essay made me smile when he talked about the “variety” of customers that shop at Walmart and how the “obese” are praiseworthy for their carelessness about their appearances.  I rarely go to Walmart and when I do there’s always a shortage of shoppers or the “uniques” are absent but this is not the first source of this idea that I stumbled upon.  It tickled me that Cook brushes aside the negative side of it and lauds these people for their confidence in their bodies.  Heck, I would do so too since I am not perfect and whoever polices people on their shopping looks ought to be chastised for their shallowness.  Who gives right?  This is why I trust Cook and his essays the more.  (Also, he goes on to compare fatness with the rococo style…haha).

            I recommend this collection to everyone who wants to learn a new angle about certain topics.  I recommend it to those readers who love the arts too since there is a good ladle of essays about music and the visual arts in this gem.  I assure you the ideas and views of this author will force you to keep on reading to discover fresh points of views.  I guarantee you that you will not be wasting your money and that once the book is over you’ll smile, shake your head, and acknowledge Cook for his interesting views.  I did and it was a great feeling on this sunny day of June 2017!  

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Publication Date: 31 JANUARY 2017
Available at AMAZON 

A Fun Children’s Book of Naughties, Gritties, and Notables…

            Do you like nursery rhymes?  Do you like to read about characters that are kids?  Are you looking for an entertaining book for your kid(s)?  Are you looking for a gift for your youngster this upcoming summer?  One with pictures and funny words that could make him or her and yourself smile?  Then this is the one you should get today.  It is made up of rhyming little poems divided into three sections about kid characters with special/hilarious traits.  Some of them are:

  • ·         Milly, the little girl who hates taking a bath so she runs away
  • ·         Willy, the little boy who sleeps so much he wets his bed
  • ·         Edward, a boy with hair that looks like sausages
  • ·         Linda, a girl who grew horns in her head and has a big pink nose

The book is short and features simple illustrations that depict each of the characters going through their dilemmas or struggles.  I can see any child coming to love it simply because the stories are facetious and creative and the words are spoken in a childlike way.  So go on, do yourself a favor and order this baby now for that deserving little boy or girl of yours who loves reading. 

Friday, May 26, 2017


Author: AJ MOUSE
Publisher: AJ MOUSE
Publication Date: 19 FEBRUARY 2017
Available at AMAZON

Interesting Glimpse into the Life of a DID Woman

                First of all, what is DID?  Well, this is the new term for the disorder that is most known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  DID stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The sufferer or the gifted one is mainly Jade but she has nine other alternative personalities (alters) that stay with her and help her lead a normal, productive life.  Jade is married to Roger and has a son from another man by the name of Steven.  Steven has a romantic partner, Eli, who both make life beautiful for Jade and her alters.  The book is written interchangeably between Jade and a newborn alter by the name of Anne who acts as a psychiatrist who formulated the idea to write this book detailing their stories, their concerns, their feelings, and their experiences.  Jade is in love with her husband, Roger, but Anne regards him with distaste after he called her ugly and tries to make her lose weight.  Through all this, Anne, Jade, and the other alters all share a concern for the safety of Roger, Steven, and Eli because there is an ominous alter they term, the Monster, who they consider is a harm to their body and others.

            I found this book to be quite an interesting read.  It is interesting because I am amazed at how this condition, DID, fares.  I mean, to have all those different persons living within one body is something that sounds like it only should be the stuff of horror or thriller movies but it exists and there are individuals in this world who have it.  Now as I was reading through this book, I got the sense that people with DID are just like other people with other mental disorders.  They are not monsters, they are not criminals, but that they are just persons who are “cursed” or “blessed” as some others look at it, and need our love, care, and understanding.  I believe that this person(s) that wrote this book wrote it and chose to publish it to be read by all as a cry for support.  I can see that she wants the world to know where she is coming from and that she is to be respected and understood as do all mentally disabled persons.

            After reading this book, I urge you the reader who is reading this review of mine to make an effort to buy it for your reading list this year to support mental illness.  As with all mental illnesses, this lady (who has alters of both sexes) had a rough childhood.  The title character “Mouse” is their most beloved alter because she was hurt the most and was the victim of childhood abuse.  If you are curious and an advocate of the mentally ill, do consider buying this book.  I just got educated about DID because of it and I want to tell you it is not an easy or desirable condition.  This author and her alters go through constant changing in order to get by on a normal day.  They leave each other emails to help each other keep track of their daily activities.  Take it from me, buy this book because it makes you understand and have compassion for those who suffer from a disease that the media seems to bad-name in their portrayals of it, making these innocent people look like criminals and monsters but not actually helping them in their personal quests to live productive, normal, and independent lives.  The same can be said for all other sufferers of other mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar, etc.  Have a great day!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book Review #23: TIME'S UP by R.A. JORDAN

Author: R.A. JORDAN
Publication Date: 19 OCTOBER 2015

Starts Off with a Bang and Will Keep You Up All Night!

            I read this one in a week because I had some other things going on in my personal life like my gig with Odyssey and my book collection efforts.  But to be honest, this one really is a quickie.  Alright, let me get right down to my review for you.  It started off with a bang.  From the first few pages, an old (maybe about in their late fifties to early sixties) couple was just returning from a New Year’s Eve Party that they had attended with both of their daughters who decided to stay late with their friends when they nearly collided with a rushing black car coming in the opposite direction but still in their lane.  The couple brushed it off and arrived home at their farm that they just bought three years prior.  They saw that their dog, Purdy, was fast asleep in their utility room because she had been given a sedative to calm her nerves since she was afraid of the noise made by fireworks that went off when the New Year rang in moments ago.  The couple, named Peter and Ann Wall, went straight to bed.

            The next day, Peter the husband woke up early to do his usual routine of driving Jumbo, his 1955 Series Two Land Rover to a solitary oak tree that stood on top of a mound that allowed him to view the house and outbuildings.  Well, as he drove Jumbo, something happened that got his head cut off and leaving him dead for good on New Year’s Day.  It was just a few hours later that Ann his wife woke up and went looking for him that she found him beheaded and deceased and changed her and her daughters’ lives from then on.  Now the mystery in the death was whether Peter had some type of plan to end his life this way or was he killed by someone else.  This brought in a slew of characters and unfortunate events that made this book a page-turner during this cold May 2017 for me. 

            I loved this book.  It was the pace I needed for my own personal enjoyment.  It did not drag on like some books I read and reviewed.  Nope.  This book had me reading from beginning to end hungry to find out what could have caused the uncanny death of Peter Wall.  The man isn’t just anybody.  He’s the owner of a company that makes a lot of profit and he has a lot of money ready to be bequeathed to his wife and two daughters if in the event that he dies.  Insurance I mean.  I am glad that I read this novel because it is set in England and Ireland.  It is a great glimpse into that part of the world as there are some terms featured and mentioned in it that seem foreign and un-American.  There are some places’ names that are similar to ones here in the East Coast like Grosvenor and Cheshire.  Anyway, to make this review short and simple, I assure you that you will not waste your money on this one if you are looking for a quick read for this upcoming summer season.  I guarantee it!