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Thursday, September 21, 2017


Release Date: 20 FEBRUARY 2015

A Definite Must-Have Guide for Travelers

            This book here is the must-have guide for those who are travelers.  It’s packed with all the information and guidelines that will benefit travelers as they plan their trip on the roads of America.  It is a self-help book that lists all the “objectives and content based on current federal, state, and local public safety laws.  There are also some professional suggestions about personal security regulations and methods for a trip” (CrashLaneNews.com).  These suggestions will help a traveler avoid accidents or violent crimes associated with transportation on US roads.  The book also has the code of ethics for a traveler that ensures a more safe and secure trip.

            One of the things listed in this book that I previously did not think of so much was the fact that the weather can also be a factor for accidents to occur during a trip cross-country.  I know, silly me.  Yes, the weather pattern should be weighed when you are planning a trip on the road.  I know the reason why I was this way about this piece of fact was that I never am in a vehicle while the weather outside is raging or out of control.  Rainstorms yes but not hurricanes and tornadoes which are a usual weather pattern here in the USA.  This makes this book all the more handy for travelers because it is so thorough and packed with all the major and minute what-to-do’s for travelers to consider.  I give this book a great nod for that matter!

            I recommend this book fiercely to travelers of all kinds of transportation methods.  You should know about the tips and procedures that this masterpiece carries because your life is valuable and that you deserve to know about them.  It’s a great gift for that college son or daughter you have, that teen driver in your family, that traveling husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend of yours, that aunt or uncle in your family who always drives over for the holidays or that friend you have that lives far from you because you never know what may happen.  By following the methods and guidelines in here, and by knowing the rules and regulations also listed in here, chances are that you will be preventing a car accident from happening to you or your loved ones.  You won’t be wasting your money on this one my friend!  Be good to yourself and order this baby right now!  

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I wake up in the morning all calm and serene
and my brain's forgotten about some bad dream
The house is all dark, quiet, and empty
and my siblings gone for the day just me.

I go to the kitchen to make myself a treat
bring out the spinach, eggs, and cheese
And cook an omelet that's delicious to eat
then down it all with Lipton tea.

I go to the living room and turn on the TV
to the channel of my favorite news, NBC.
Today is on and I feel so at ease
with Lauer, Roker, Gotb, and Guthrie

Then go to the dining table and take a seat
Open my laptop and be an online junkie
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Ebay
Those keep me occupied all through the day!

For lunch I'm craving something sweet
like hot chocolate from Nestle
boil some Franks so salty and lean
and eat them with mayo and rice and beans.

The afternoon is when I would clean
the toilet bowl or the dishes in the sink
I would also use that time to do my laundry
and/or prepare some rice for my siblings.

When my siblings come home all weak
I go to my room and get my kindle to read
But not before dinnertime when I would feast
on boiled noodles so rich and creamy

So when hours later I lay down to sleep
I would pray to the Lord for my soul to keep
The day is over and all was a breeze
I'm just thanking God for all the peace.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #371

There's just something about books
that make me feel good.

Their artworks
Their summaries
Their smell
Their weight
and their contents 
just make me feel pleasant

From an early age
I embraced
their sentences, their pages
and would get amazed
over how some survive
for decades.

And I am feeling blessed
that I am involved with a project
that pays me money
to read and review stories
written by authors that are indie.

I'm a book reviewer
I read and review,
tweet and promote
books by authors
from the US and abroad.

And this book reviewing project 
I'm involved with
has wonderfully
and fascinatingly
raised my self-esteem.

Thank you Jesus...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This was written for:
Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I am nervous about it
It’s been years
And I haven’t been fortunate
That’s why I’m in fear:
Will I be scorned?
Or adored?
Who knows?

I might go to it
But I’m ashamed
I have a secret
So I can’t attend…
Will I be missed?
Or disgraced?
Who knows?

But I am hopeful though
That you will understand
For it’s hard to control
This predicament

On the bright side
I see you on a daily basis
And I will try
To send you a message:

That I am well.

Book Review #41: IS GOAT BEEF? by JEFFERY M. CAMP

Release Date: 15 DECEMBER 2016

Military Tales and Salivating Meals

            This is quite an interesting, riveting read for one reason.  Or make that two.  The military tales are the usual stuff of a fresh, basic trainee during holidays spent in Honduras to seeing goats for the first time in Afghanistan, to a realization about the US government and gay porn, lol.  Anyway, in its first few pages, there is an introduction from a celebrity friend of the author’s: the Wonder Years (remember that show?) actor Jason Hervey talking about Jeffery M. Camp and how he came to know him and his endearing involvement with the charity: Paws for Purple Hearts (where dogs and puppies are trained to provide therapy and assistance to wounded veterans of the US military.)  And after that intro, I got to read in Jeff’s own words his reasons for writing this book: love for cooking, humor, and life and it just makes him likable and sweet.  Just to let you know, buying this book will help Paws for Purple Hearts (PPH) out because a dollar from every copy sold will be donated to PPH.  So think about that when you are making a decision in buying this baby or not. 

            The recipes themselves call for ingredients that make me salivate just thinking about them.  If you love bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, avocados, ground sausage, scallions, baby potatoes, veal, and the list goes on, then this book is for you.  Simply put, if you are a foodie or the cook in your household, who supports anything having to do with the US military, this book will be your treasure I guarantee you.  I am going to recommend it to my Aunty in Washington state whose husband, my Uncle Sefo is a veteran of the US army.  She loves to cook and maybe she will appreciate these mouth-watering recipes…

            The final verdict?  Love this book to the core.  It’s a great item to own because I am a foodie.  I urge you to save up to order it prior to the holidays of Thanksgiving and/or Christmas so you will have something “new” and “delicious” for your husbands and/or kids to savor.  Have fun cooking and have a beautiful, and happy early holiday season of 2017! 

Monday, September 11, 2017


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Hello followers of this blog!
I am here to say I am so sorry for neglecting you for a long time.  I am sure that you don't really read my reviews as there are no comments on them at all, haha.  I have been busy with my internship with Odyssey and with reading and reviewing books that I post here from time to time.  My poetic drive has been kind of empty hence is why you don't see me posting poems anymore.  Well, much of my creative juices have gone to my poems that I write for Odyssey.  You can visit my content creator page over there by simply clicking here.  I just got my Bachelor's degree from a university based in New Hampshire in English Language and Literature.  It was not a breeze as I had to read books and ebooks to write essays and term papers based on them for each of the classes I took for my degree's program.

Right now I am so happy that I have a Bachelor's degree.  It's because it will possibly/hopefully/prospectively enable me to get a paid opportunity in the future.  I plan on working from home due to personal reasons and having this degree will increase my chances of finding something worthy of my time that is remote.  Yes, I have this book reviewing project going on at the moment and I always thank its moderator and the Lord above for giving it to me so that I can earn a little (yes, a little) money on the side.  I have been reviewing products also for a company that contacted me through Twitter and it's not a lot of money but it's something to order a quick bite from McDonald's almost every week.

Am I going to post poems on here again?  We shall see.  Like I said before, my poetic drive is not that high right now and it's being spent on poetry for Odyssey.  I landed that internship with Odyssey because a classmate of mine for an online course at SNHU recruited me for it.  So I applied and I got in.  To me, it's great exposure and exercise once again for my writing abilities.  I hope also that I can get letters of recommendation after my involvement with them for future opportunities/gigs/projects that I may be interested in.  I have made some good friends from it and we are pals on Facebook.  Haha.  

Another way for you to connect with me is through my Facebook Author page.  You can support me and follow that page by clicking here.  I am more active on there than on here so I am sorry.  With that said, I wish you a great Autumn season and hopefully I post poems or other writings such as this on here for you to read if you are interested.  My book reviewing project is still ongoing and I may post a new book review later this week.  Be safe my friends and take good care of yourselves as I will do the same.

God bless us all and much alofas (loves),


Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Release Date: 10 JUNE 2010

Be Inspired by This Man’s Life to Live Your Own Adventures!

            I thought this memoir was like a work of fiction with all the dangerous turns and adventures that this author went through in his life.  Mr. Orr had started out in the military and then became part of the Peace Corps traveling across states in the USA and on to South America and Asia.  He talks about being almost to the point of death to times when he would go to a brothel with his American colleagues to the time when he and friends/volunteers had to run across a field while in the line of fire, yup, that had me going whoa!  I mean, this guy if all that he says in this book of his is true then he sure should be recognized and honored for it all by either a movie about him or something.
            I thought this memoir was filled with events that you would love to read on to find out more adrenaline-rushing moments like the ones I have mentioned above.  I think it would take you three to two days to finish it or shorter if you’re a fast reader.  I read this in a week because I had a brief encounter with the flu so that’s why.  Anyway, this book had me thinking about the Peace Corps society and its benefits in the long run.  Mr. Orr started out small as a volunteer with a stipend but he eventually grew to become a regional director with lots of perks like traveling across the world and meeting with important people as well as a decent salary to live off of.  He met his wife Maureen while he was stationed in Hawaii so isn’t that romantic?  The Peace Corps had given him a great life and so did the military.

            I recommend this book to all those high school graduates as well as college graduates with no sense of direction to why not consider the Peace Corps as a starting point?  Now that it’s fall 2017 maybe you need to go see the world and risk all the dangers of those countries just to experience the life outside of America yeah?  I could say the same thing about myself haha.  I guarantee you that you will not be able to put this book down because this man’s life has all the elements of a bestselling novel:  drama, romance, war, sorrow, etc.  Get it today and be inspired to live a life of adventures that you if you make it to your 70s will pat yourself on the back and say: hey, I lived it all!  I did not back down but I went forth and experienced life with all its dangers, loves, and rewards!  Enjoy!