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Sunday, October 15, 2017


This was written for Poets United's

So fair is the unicorn
that gallops to and fro
strong and so bold
free as an eagle
and pure as gold...

So fair is the mermaid
that sits upon a rock
sings a ballad song
laden with love
to her human friend...

So fair is God's way
that favors the good
and blesses the low
He's always just
But never cruel
I know this so...

So fair is the world
if everyone understands
when each one of us errs
to give each other a chance
to live happily on this Earth.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif: 

During autumn
I wear my hoodie sweaters
and my blue jeans
and my black shoes
for they make me comfortable
and they go with the chill
in the weather.

During autumn
My Facebook friends go football crazy
They also go on holiday shopping sprees
while I start reading horror books
just in time for Halloween.
They give me the creeps
but I still read them...haha.

During autumn
I start thinking of my sister and her family
what should I buy for them as gifts?
What would they like this year?
Are they going to enjoy their holidays?
These questions fill up my mind.

During autumn
The media starts going hullabaloo
Trick or treat smell my feet
Now thank we all our God
All I want for Christmas is youuu...
Do you believe in magic?

During autumn
The night starts to become longer
and I hope for a smooth Winter.

Sunday, October 8, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #374

I'm not rich
No I'm not wealthy, healthy, and happy
But I can say that I am grateful.
I have enough to keep me comfortable
and to buy things that are affordable
Yes I am super-frugal.

I'm broke moneywise
But I'm not blessing-wise
I am at a position where I am greatly satisfied
with what God's able to provide
and I am just thankful I can get by.

I'm not perfect
No I don't have a perfect physique
and I have made lots of mistakes.
Yes, I do have a million regrets
But I also know I am blessed
with a family that loves me regardless.

I'm here to say
that I am lucky.
Lucky to be a part of a great family
Lucky to be alive if you knew my history
Lucky to be on here right now
sharing with you my poetry.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:

I am a mammal 
created by the Creator 
to walk this earth
and enjoy it for its worth.

I'm a beautiful mammal
with a brain and a heart
that is useful
for loving everything you are.

We humans are special
God created us as superior to animals
We have the choice not to do evil
We have the choice to abstain from brutal
and unusual.

We are amazing animals
Us humans with our God-given skills
We have walked the moon
We have flown the skies without wings
and magically appear on tubes.

I, us, we are just incredible
and we each have our own free wills
God made us to be that way
God gave us so much for our own play.

And I am just thankful for my talents
They have given me some confidence
After some low and despairing moments
I can say I am just a grateful human.

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This was written for Poets United's 

I am living and breathing the air.
I’m trying my best not to care
About anything anymore except my health
I want to be able to live to tell:
About the time I was depressed and weak
About the time I was unable to speak:
Words to anyone
And the time I was unable to run
And walk in the sun.
I want to see my face in my 40s
I want to embrace my 50s
And if lucky, to celebrate my 60’s and 70’s.
My interests are maturing with age
I am learning to accept heartaches
And be serious as much as it takes.
I am getting past the age of seeking attention
At least that’s what I believe in.
I am noting the importance of happiness
It’s worth more than all of the world’s riches
I am hoping for peace of mind and simplicity
Those are more soothing than greed and envy.

I am living and breathing the air
And I’m trying my best to be aware
Of things that lead to sadness or death
Avoid them at all costs to feel my best.
I want to be able to live to tell
About these days of enduring hell
And laugh at the silliness of it all
In the future with friends and families available to talk.
I want to let go of my insecurities
They are definitely not in need.

I am living and breathing the air
And I’m praying for a joyous future.
God have mercy on me and better my situation
Grant me more years to enjoy Your creations.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif:
Rising Above


 I've seen the bottom too many
however, I am not going to say
something arrogant that's unlike me


I can say I'm feeling fine these days
and that I'm not lying in a darkened grave
I have welcomed the glorious sun's rays


I feel like a butterfly I guess
I'm for the moment feeling blessed
and I am not too stressed.


I am embracing my hobbies
and they are keeping me busy
making me forget about my shortcomings


for those of you reading
to rise you have to let go of all the self-hating
in order for a new beginning.


forget about all the negatives and strife
love yourself and let your talents grow
for it's not too late to enjoy your life!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


This was written for Poets United's
Poetry Pantry #372

For me
at this time
I'm so free

I seldom go out anymore
I stay put indoors
and I'm feeling so assured:

That I am joyful by myself
when I am alone I am well
when I'm at home I'm out of hell.

My head is empty 
My body is at ease
and I'm just not crazy.

Farewell to all that loudness
goodbye to all the noise
I'm fine without the chaos

I'm no longer filled with ambition
I'm glad I'm out of that prison
It's too much aggression.

Maybe some other time I'll be
But for now I'm just free.
For the first time in a long time
I'm carefree

And for me
that's sublime
because I'm happy.