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Monday, August 26, 2013


due to my knowledge of the Peace Corps and its ongoing relationship with Samoa, I have decided to write this quickie which is a fictional story of an American girl soon-to-be a Sarong girl  and all she knows is Dorothy Lamour (Hollywood's famous Sarong Girl).

On the road to Polynesia
On the road to Samoa
So long, so long American girl
Hello sarong, sarong world

Julia of the Peace Corps
on the road to meet islanders
On the road to learn new culture
and all she knows is Dorothy Lamour

I'll run through the rainforests
I'll discard my dresses
This will all be a fresh experience
don't forget postcards to the parents

On the road to Survivor: Samoa
this blonde from California
So long, so long Malibu
Hello, hello Upolu!

Julia of the Peace Corps
on the road to live in nature
on the road to become a teacher
and all she knows is Dorothy Lamour.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013


this poem is fictional...for entertainment purposes only...

More experienced
Married before
More like my parents
Wolf undercover
my first and only lover

She's a cougar
She's a mother
She's a great lover

Less experienced
fledgeling that is me
youngin so clueless
Lamb insidiously
mine eyes will finally see

I'm a joey
a little boy
Playing the role of 'boytoy'

It was all sex
She got obsessed
I got upset
Our love became a mess

She was controlling
She wanted a wedding
It was annoying
Our love became nothing

She's a cougar
I'm a joey
We are no longer
lovey dovey.


Sunday, August 11, 2013


Written as a tribute to Katy Perry's anthemic "Roar."  That I fully understand where she's coming from.  I used some of her lyrics in writing this, like "tiger", "lion", "roar", and "champion."

When life is distressing
and stressing, depressing
and you're in a mess 
not feeling your best
and you're put to the test
by the haters and the rest.
you're feeling like a wounded tiger
and you don't see any good in your future...

Hey you got the power!
to stand up and not be a coward
Hey you got the colors!
to show everyone your inner tiger

The bullies they drive you crazy
Religion is making you weak
Though there's power in humility
at times you got to be upbeat
cause you're being put to the test
by the haters and the rest
you're feeling like a wounded lion
but you want to be a champion...

So you got to persevere!
to have the strength not to fear
So you can show your inner power!
to give everyone a great big roar

Roar to the haters
Roar to the bullies
Roar to the fakers
Roar to your enemies


Friday, August 9, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013