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Thursday, March 13, 2014

JAMZ' VENTURES: A Trip To the Meditation Museum

A business card and PEACE gemstone from the Meditation Museum
in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The Meditation Museum
8236 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910
Hours: 11am - 6pm
     Hello my Saints and Legends!!!  I guess it's that time again to talk about my adventures here in Silver Spring, Maryland where I am currently living.  I was searching the Internet for a center of meditation here and guess what?!  I stumbled upon the Meditation Museum located on 8236 Georgia Avenue just a ten-minute walk from the Silver Spring transit center.  So on Tuesday, March 11, I went to the Hair Cuttery first at the Glenmont Shopping Center to cut my hair then I took one of the county's Y-buses to Downtown Silver Spring to get to the museum.

     Upon my entering the museum, walls filled with framed quotes greeted me and these were just a couple of them:


     Next, I walked up a staircase to the second floor and was greeted with great hospitality by one of the museum's staff members who is pictured here with me in the salesroom. 

 She was also my tour guide who showed me the museum's different sections devoted to the three monotheistic religions: 
Christianity: the cross on which Jesus died, the Last Supper,
Madonna and Child Icon, and a figure of Mary and baby Jesus.
Judaism: Torah and the menorah

    Islam: the Koran, the prayer beads, the picture of Mecca,
             and a framed golden Islamic symbol.    

                                and then these two main Eastern religions:                                   

Buddhism: the two depictions of Siddhartha Gautama

Hinduism: Shiva and other symbols
and then I paused to have another staff member snap photos of me next to two meditative posters:

the Man Mana Bhava and the Universal Light posters.  The
Man Mana Bhavi states that a Supreme being goes by
different names to different religions: Shiva (Hinduism),
Jehovah and God (used both by Christians and Jews), and
Allah (Islam).  The Universal Light contains all the phrases
of world religions out there.
and this is me at a corner next to a little statue of the Buddha.

and after that...

and that's me underneath a meditative tree where just behind stands
a white-clothed Buddha figure.

Everything in the museum was meditative and positive.  I walked around where the museum holds its meditation classes and marveled at this piece of art with the familiar two-finger sign for PEACE.  I, of course, took a photo of it.

the Hand of Victory.

and when it was time to leave, I bought myself this PEACE green gem for its charming beauty. 

 The Meditation Museum trip was an experience to remember as the artworks were true to its soothing theme, the atmosphere was truly peaceful and calm, the employees were very welcoming, admission was FREE, and it was easy access to the public as I've mentioned that it is near the Silver Spring metro station.  I highly recommend this tranquil place for peace of mind and enlightenment.


Email: MeditationMuseum@gmail.com
Website: www.MeditationMuseum.org / www.bkwsu.org
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/AmericaMeditating

Saturday, March 8, 2014


"No meat for Fridays
During the Lenten season
Jesus Christ I praise"


Thursday, March 6, 2014


Hello Saints and Legends!  Here's a heartwarming quote from a twitter follower and friend whose tweets are usually uplifting as well as spiritual.  I hope you find it inspiring and encouraging in your own journey through life.  Have a blessed day!  

a self-portrait of Heimir Stein.

"You have so much to be grateful for.
Count your blessings and smile.
Make the most of your time on earth
and do something that's worthwhile."

- Heimir Stein

Follow Heimir on Twitter @https://twitter.com/HeimirStein