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Sunday, August 30, 2015


This was written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #267

One morning I was early
Took the early bus on early schedule
Early people chatting stories
I just snoozed and breathed and breathed
No one gave me hardship
No one even noticed
the smile on exhibit

One peaceful morning.

It was a peaceful morning
Stopped the bus and got out
Nobody acted weird
I just walked, the air was clear
No one gave me a headache
No one caused a quake.
The sun was fully awake

One peaceful morning..

I knew I was early to work
so I sat at a bus stop
read the paper, the Enquirer
while cars rushed to beat the clock
the air was so fresh
early morning air that's not wet
No one tried to make me sad
No one acted weird or bad.

One peaceful morning

I'm so renewed
I'm so feeling glad and good
My morning went alright
So far I'm not teary-eyed
God bless the day I'm all like
"This is it, for the first time
I'm on Earth I'm feeling fine
No one is being a bully
No one is out to get me.

One peaceful morning.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Smile #13: FINALLY

Written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #266

At last
someone understands me
willing to set me free
from my demons.

At last
someone shows me mercy
willing to feel sorry
for me in my prison.

In chains
I was crying out in pain
I was possessed by the devil
believed his lies, his ways of evil

At last
I have realized
I've been following lies
and wasting gifts

At last
After so many tries
I'm in my paradise
and God He lives!

I praise
my will to escape
the lie of wanting fame
for reasons I cannot say.

So at peace
So at ease
I'm on my knees
I've been set freed.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


written for Poets United's Poetry Pantry #264

oh, oh you so fly
you are lifted to the skies
from you comes an excited cry
as you go on a carnival ride

you are the king of the world
you are the coolest guy
smile you own this world
you are looking fine.

up, up you fly
strapped to your seat so tight
less you fall and surely die
as you go on a carnival ride

you are the king of the world
you are loving life!
smile you own this world
you are gonna be fine

live for the moment
push all hurts aside
smile it's your moment
what an exciting carnival ride!