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Saturday, December 26, 2015


A decision was made
after New Year's day
I will not be writing
poems about smiling
rather I'll be covering
themes about everything
that comes to mind
oh how sublime.

But hey, smile, be happy for me will ya?

I have found it hard
to be joyful at heart
during times of pain
and moments of rain
hence is why I
have decided this time
to include sorrow
and dark and hollow
because this period 
is harsh and serious.

Hey, smile, be happy for me will ya?

As you all know
my Island glow
has grown weary
after my Psalms theme
and I'm having issues
that can't be chased by tissues
and Spotify uplifting playlists
or my mom's magical kisses
Bear with me please
I am down on my knees

Smile!  Be happy for me will ya?

Thanks for the loyalty
Thanks for reading my poetry.
I need time and energy.
to steer this era of need.

Be happy for me will ya?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This was written for Poets United's Midweek Motif: 

(Season's greetings everyone!
I wrote this for your entertainment 
and describes an "idealistic" lover...
My imaginary significant other.)

Tonight I look at my computer
drink my bottle of water
hug myself, sniff my sweater
heck, I'm grown, still a dreamer
This is my design of a lover

Someone who's kind
says Amen to be mine
who makes me smile
who is the right kind of wild
I'd like that in a lover

Someone who's diligent
and with lots of patience
who wears all kinds of hats
strong like a dog, clean like a cat
I'd like that in a lover

Someone who's parental
likes to hold and cuddle
who knows how to nurture
50 % mother, 50% father
I'd like that from a lover

Someone who's not afraid
of me and my insane
who wants me to be strong
fearless but calm
I'd like that from my lover

Someone who's accepting
of my mom and siblings
who enjoys family-together's
and also lone time endeavors
I'd like that my future lover

Someone who's beautiful
in heart, mind, and soul
who will be there for me
through my times of need
I'd like that my future lover

Tonight I look at my computer
and think of all I am hoping for
No one will be all those things
This is just wishful thinking
So ends this design of a lover...

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smile #27: ALL I AM


All I am 
would you prefer
please my friend
love me for my colors...

Every day I say to myself
I am what I am
I can't change for anyone
I am part of God's plan

Every time I look at me
I understand
I am not what you believe
I am a good, good man

All I am
please take or leave
show me you can
love me for me

and all I want
is for you
to see beyond
my flaws, my hues

Every night I pray
to God for your sake
Every night I cry
for God to make you mine

and every dream I dream
is of you and me

Cause all I am
I want you to accept
give me a chance
to show you my best

and all I need
is for you to see
that I am worthy
of your fantasies.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Smile #26: ENERGETIC

Hello my dear Merry's and Jolly's!  

Today, I break the interval by releasing this poem specially written for my loyal readers
who checked in yesterday to find that I still have not released a smile for my blog.  This is not 
a Christmas poem even though the image that accompanies it is of the dear Nativity Scene
of Christmas.  It is my response to a Poets United's Midweek Motif sometime ago that I 
did not get to participate in.  Well, I think I also must announce today that after much 
thinking and debating, I guess I will be using a lot of spirituality and religious references
in my works because that is who I am.  A lover of spirituality and religion.  

I hope you enjoy this piece because it is true.  God makes me feel alive and important.  
God bless,


molded by you
enchanted by you
celebrated by you

I'm your own creation
I'm your sweet sensation

it is by you
I feel so energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic 

elevated by you
infatuated by you
so influenced by you

to be my own individual
to be my own soul 

it is by you
I feel energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic
of life.

all my happiness comes from you
all my success erupt from you

saved by you
electrified by you
endorsed by you

I'm loving you oh God
I'm becoming like you God

it is by you
I feel so energetic
it is by you
I feel the magic 
when I die...