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Friday, May 26, 2017


Author: AJ MOUSE
Publisher: AJ MOUSE
Publication Date: 19 FEBRUARY 2017
Available at AMAZON

Interesting Glimpse into the Life of a DID Woman

                First of all, what is DID?  Well, this is the new term for the disorder that is most known as Multiple Personality Disorder.  DID stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder.  The sufferer or the gifted one is mainly Jade but she has nine other alternative personalities (alters) that stay with her and help her lead a normal, productive life.  Jade is married to Roger and has a son from another man by the name of Steven.  Steven has a romantic partner, Eli, who both make life beautiful for Jade and her alters.  The book is written interchangeably between Jade and a newborn alter by the name of Anne who acts as a psychiatrist who formulated the idea to write this book detailing their stories, their concerns, their feelings, and their experiences.  Jade is in love with her husband, Roger, but Anne regards him with distaste after he called her ugly and tries to make her lose weight.  Through all this, Anne, Jade, and the other alters all share a concern for the safety of Roger, Steven, and Eli because there is an ominous alter they term, the Monster, who they consider is a harm to their body and others.

            I found this book to be quite an interesting read.  It is interesting because I am amazed at how this condition, DID, fares.  I mean, to have all those different persons living within one body is something that sounds like it only should be the stuff of horror or thriller movies but it exists and there are individuals in this world who have it.  Now as I was reading through this book, I got the sense that people with DID are just like other people with other mental disorders.  They are not monsters, they are not criminals, but that they are just persons who are “cursed” or “blessed” as some others look at it, and need our love, care, and understanding.  I believe that this person(s) that wrote this book wrote it and chose to publish it to be read by all as a cry for support.  I can see that she wants the world to know where she is coming from and that she is to be respected and understood as do all mentally disabled persons.

            After reading this book, I urge you the reader who is reading this review of mine to make an effort to buy it for your reading list this year to support mental illness.  As with all mental illnesses, this lady (who has alters of both sexes) had a rough childhood.  The title character “Mouse” is their most beloved alter because she was hurt the most and was the victim of childhood abuse.  If you are curious and an advocate of the mentally ill, do consider buying this book.  I just got educated about DID because of it and I want to tell you it is not an easy or desirable condition.  This author and her alters go through constant changing in order to get by on a normal day.  They leave each other emails to help each other keep track of their daily activities.  Take it from me, buy this book because it makes you understand and have compassion for those who suffer from a disease that the media seems to bad-name in their portrayals of it, making these innocent people look like criminals and monsters but not actually helping them in their personal quests to live productive, normal, and independent lives.  The same can be said for all other sufferers of other mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar, etc.  Have a great day!

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